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Cuban Art Emilio FaleroEmilio Falero
Period: Contemporary

Twilight Serenade
Serenata a la Luz del Crepúsculo, 1991
oil on canvas
50 x 57 inches

Emilio Falero was born in Sagua la Grande, Cuba in 1947. He resides in Miami, FL since 1962. The artist is highly influenced by the Spanish masters, whose work he often quotes in his large paintings. Falero won a Ziuta and Joseph James Akston Foundation Award from the Society of Four Arts in Palm Beach and was a Cintas Foundation Fellow. He has shown his work in galleries and museums such as the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale and the Museum of Modern Art of Latin America in Washington, D.C. His work was included in the Outside Cuba exhibition, the Miami Generation traveling exhibition and the Cuba-USA: The First Generation traveling exhibition. His work is in the permanent collections of the Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami and the Miami Dade Public Library System, among others. He studied at Miami-Dade Community College and Barry University.

“Emilio Falero…plays tricks with reality. His reality though is that of past artists, from Velázquez and Vermeer to Picasso and Segal. He goes beyond the superficial differences to reveal, by placing a painting by one inside a painting by the other, the essential similarity between Vermeer and Mondrian, both of whom sought perfect order in a few simple rules. On the other hand, we see the gulf between Velázquez, who made even gaudily attired dwarfs noble, and Picasso, who captures in so many of his Cubist figures the broken, disillusioned spirits of this century. And yet, when these works are side by side, do we not glimpse a common love and pity for humanity on the part of both of these artists? Falero, by taking art out of context and combining it with other art in harmonious or disharmonious fashion, makes us take a second look at the originals.”


Giulio V. Blanc: cat. The Miami Generation: Nine Cuban-American Artists, Museo Cubano de Arte y Cultura, Miami, FL, 1984. Retrieved Sept 2006


Cuban Art Emilio Falero 07290
Twilight Serenade
(Serenata a la Luz del Crepúsculo)

Emilio Falero
oil on canvas
50 x 57 inches
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