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Cuban Art Loló SoldevillaLoló Soldevilla
Period: The Vanguard
1901 - 1971

Untitled (Abstraction)
Sin Titulo (Abstracción), 1956
mixed media on board
11 x 14 inches

Born in 1901 in Havana, Cuba, Loló Soldevilla was a virtuosic painter, sculptor, collage artist and draughtsman. She graduated from the Falcón Conservatory for singing and violin, and founded a group known as La Orchestra de Loló before turning her attention to visual art. Soldevilla began painting in 1948. In 1949, she traveled to Paris as Cuba's cultural attache, a position which allowed her to travel extensively throughout Europe and Latin America, and absorb a wide-ranging influence of the international avant-garde and abstract movements.
In 1956, Soldevilla returned to Cuba and founded Galeria Color-Luz, an establishment dedicated to abstract art, alongside her husband and fellow artist, Pedro de Oraá. Soldevilla, Oraá, and other Cuban luminaries would go on to becomes founders of the group Los Diez Pintores Concretos, (the Ten Concrete Painters), the pioneers of concrete abstraction in 1950s Cuba. Although Los Diez and Color-Luz were only active from 1957-1961, their movement was tremendously influential within Latin American art. In the late fifties to early sixties, she was the professor of Fine Arts in the School of Architecture at the University of Havana. Loló Soldevilla died in 1971.


Cuban Art Loló Soldevilla 05893
Untitled [Abstraction]
(Sin Título [Abstracción])

Loló Soldevilla
mixed media on board
11 x 14 inches
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Cuban Art Loló Soldevilla C5052

Loló Soldevilla
ca 1969
mixed media on board laid down on canvas
25 1/2 x 39 1/4 inches
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