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Cuban Art Lourdes Gómez FrancaLourdes Gómez Franca
Period: Contemporary
1933 - 2018

Face and Cross
Cara y Cruz, 1976
oil on canvas
40 x 30 inches

Lourdes Gomez Franca was born in Havana in 1933.

The following reflections accompanied a 1981 solo show:
Simple, direct, not hiding her pain nor her tenderness, Lourdes Gómez Franca’s painting, as that of every real artist, is a voyage within herself.
Sometimes her work seems heart-stricken and saddened with warm colors in a lament that does not surrender because it maintains the force of existence itself, that rescues yesterday’s form in a great effort to make it the present’s.
Our artist has never wanted to please or to be up-to-date. She has not changed her way of painting as she has not changed her way of being. If her painting is ingenuous and tender, it is because Lourdes Gómez Franca is also ingenuous and tender.
One life’s pain has not been able to destroy the grace of an innate tenderness in Lourdes- child of all times.


Miguel Jorge: cat. Lourdes Gomez Franca. Interamericas Art Gallery. Coral Gables, FL, January 23-February 6, 1981. in Veigas, J., et al, eds. Memoria, Cuban Art of the Twentieth Century. 1st ed. Los Angeles, CA: California International Arts Foundation, 2002.


Cuban Art Lourdes Gómez Franca RC0136 Face and Cross
(Cara y Cruz)

Lourdes Gómez Franca
oil on canvas
40 x 30 inches

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