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Cuban Art María CapdevilaMaría Capdevila
Period: The Vanguard
1881 - 1991

Landscape of Trinidad
Paisaje de Trinidad, ca. 1921
oil on board
27 x 27 1/2 inches
Not available.

The artist María Capdevila was born on July 3, 1881 in Havana. She formed part of that progressive, enthusiastic, and combative avant-garde that took pains to achieve, for our art, a recognized place in the history of painting.

Restlessness, research, experimentation, and constant work were her norms. A disciplined woman and tireless worker, she traveled many roads and byways, from impressionism and expressionism to abstract art, extracting from them expressiveness and resources for teaching.

Capdevila obtained a Silver Medal in 1905. She was laurelled at the Expositions in Seville and was a diplomate of Columbia University. Noted works include: La boyera (The Stable) (1905), Paisaje impresionista (Impressionist Landscape) (1917), Paisaje (Landscape) (1921), Muñecas cubanas (Cuban Dolls) (1930). In 1991, the artist passed away in Miami, FL.


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Cuban Art María Capdevila Landscape of Trinidad
(Paisaje de Trinidad) - Not for sale

María Capdevila
ca 1921
oil on board
27 x 27 1/2 inches

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