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Cuban Art Miguel A. LoredoMiguel A. Loredo
Period: Contemporary

Un Vuelo Más
One More Flight, 2006
oil and coffee on canvas
40 x 30 inches

To paint is for me to choose a way to fix a personal vision of reality on a flat surface. The suggestion of other dimensions is part of the outcome obtained and is empowered to embody the many areas of spirit as well as of memory and of prophecy.

I prepare surfaces to receive the trip of the light from dawn to dusk. In this changing light I make images ready to transmit their inner and formal sense and to receive the personal world of the viewer. In this changing light, forms dissolve, light becomes line and light flies.

To me there is not a great difference between figurative and abstract painting. I always paint what I see. But I see mostly the beauty of the forms in everything as a springboard to create a set of new significant and beautiful objects representing themselves.

I admire many painters. Leonardo’s drawings, Wifredo Lam’s dynamics, the sensual and spiritual message of Paul Gauguin, the pure and inviting color of Joseph Marioni.

I am a painter of brush and hand: a painter of visual memories. But I pay attention to the artists of the camera and to any form of new art. I am always immersed in a learning experience. For me to paint is to be involved in a perpetual challenge.
Miguel Loredo.


Cuban Art Miguel A. Loredo Un Vuelo Más
(One More Flight)

Miguel A. Loredo
coffee and oil on canvas
40 x 30 inches

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