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Publications Miguel Arias Bardou Curriculum Miguel Arias Bardou Curriculum

Miguel Arias Bardou (1841-1915)

Born in Astorga, Leon, Spain, in 1841. He worked as a painter and scenographer in some theatres in Cuba. Approximately in 1885 he participated on the decoration of the La Caridad Theater, in Santa Clara, and afterward he was scenographer in the Alhambra Theater, in Havana.

His pictorial work was mainly about rural themes, where the countryside scenes, impregnated of intimacy and calmness, were inserted in harmony with the Cuban landscape.

His work was exhibited in the two most important collective exhibits of the last century, where the colonial and Cuban classic arts were presented. Their names were 300 anos de Arte en Cuba (3 Hundred Years of Art in Cuba), Havana University, April of 1940 and Pintura Cubana Colonial (Cuban Colonial Painting), National Capitol, Havana, March-April of 1950.

In 1966, 1971 and again in 1980 his paintings were included in exhibits of the National Museum of Fine Arts, in Havana; institution which holds three large oil canvas and some other works of the artist. The Daytona Beach Museum of Arts also owns a beautiful painting dated 1875, whose name is Paisaje Cubano (Cuban Landscape), which has been exhibited in several museums of Florida. Miguel Arias Bardou passed away at the age of seventy-four years old, on January 15, 1915.

Publications Miguel Arias Bardou Curriculum
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