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Publications Juan Roberto Diago Curriculum Juan Roberto Diago Curriculum

Made studies
He studied in the Academy of Beautiful Arts "San Alejandro", Havana, Cuba.

Personal exhibitions

1994 Landscapes. Oloron, France. Reasons for the Forest. Pavilion Cuba, Havana.

1995 Project Mural. Sardinia, Italy.

1996 Paintings of Diago, Roberto. Gallery 23 and 12, Havana.

1997 Black Tears. Center of Development of the Visual Arts, Havana. After Venice. Gallery Domingo Ravenet, Havana.

1998 Roundtrip. Luneville, France. Questions. Gallery The Acacia, Havana.

1999 8vo Hall Diagó Robert. Slaughters, Cuba. Festival of the Caribbean. Santiago of Cuba.
Exhibition Diago Robert. Lyon, France.

the 2000 black and the pure one. Gallery Opened Space, Magazine Revolution and Culture, Havana.
It is not necessary to fly to make a dream. The Guarida, Lease of films Strawberry and
Chocolate, Havana.
Paintings of Diago Robert. XIX Festival of Jazz, Hotel the Riviera, Havana.

2001 Diago Robert, Paintings. National advice of the Plastic Arts, Havana.
Diago Robert, Paintings. Gallery of Art Benito Ortíz. Trinidad, Cuba.
My history is your history. Cernuda Gallery Art, Gables Chorale, Florida, the USA.
Diago in Puerto Rico. Space 304, Puerto Rico.
Collective exhibitions

1987 Love of Big City. House of the Young Creator, Havana.

1988 Love of Big City. Pavilion Cuba, Havana.

1989 Scientific Day. Academy of Beautiful Arts San Alexander, Havana.

1990 Hall Mirta Cerra. Municipal Gallery, Rattan field, Habana.

1993 Exhibition Group Echo Gallery Guerrero, Havana.
Aid 13 of March. Talía room, University of Havana.
Exhibition of Small Format. Talía room, University of Havana.

1994 Those that are. Gallery Domingo Ravenet, Havana.
For want of bread, camels. Pavilion Cuba, Havana.

1995 Of the P to the P and vice versa. Center of Press the International, Havana.
National hall Contemporary Painting Juan Francisco Elso. National museum of
BellasArtes, Havana.
Vacui Horror. The Madnguera, Villa of the Mills, Havana.
to 1er Hall Contemporary Cuban Art. National museum of Beautiful Arts,

The Monsters of the Reason. Provincial center of Plastic Arts and Design, Havana.

1996 Exhibition of Professors and Latin American Artists Academic 96. Gallery Domingo
Ravenet, Havana.
Four Times. Talía room, University of Havana.
Almendares River. Neither it mills nor chocolate. Convent of Santa Clara, Havana.

1997 Queloides 1 . House of Africa, Havana.
It is present at Cubaño Art in an Aim of Century. Santander, Pamplona, Spain.
47 Biennial of Venice. Italy.
Art Periphery, Day of the Cuban Culture. Gallery Domingo Ravenet, Havana.
Evocación to the Cuban Cinema. Gallery of ICAIC, 19 Festival the International of the New Cinema
Latin American, Havana.

1998 Vancouver International Fair, Canada.
Agada Umbo Omode. The force comes from all. Center of Development of the Arts
Lines of vision, Havana.
Festival Regino Botti. Museum of the City, Guantánamo, Cuba.
Cubanías of the Caribbean Island 52 years later. Buenosairean museum of the Silver,
Festival of Biamtz. France.

1999 to 1er Encuentro de Cultura and Desarrollo. Pabexpo, Havana.
Exhibition of Cuban artists in the Cultural Center of the Mercé. Girona, Spain.
Fair the International of Arte Contempora'neo (FIAC). Paris, France.

the 2000 Conjunction of the Anything. Center of Development of the Visual Arts, Havana.
The Brotherhood of the Art. Gallery The Offices, Havana.
Fair the International of Contemporary Art, Chile 2000 (Fi-Ac). Museum of Beautiful Arts,
Vine of the Sea, Chile.
"... social, to intelectuar and chic... ". Foundation Destilera Havana Club, Havana.
Tone to Tone, Exhibition of Abstract Art. Hotel Free Haban Tryp, Havana.

2001 Teni'a to be black = There am had to be black. Rush Arts Gallery, New York, the USA.
Veintecinco Cuban Artists, of Here and There, Yesterday and Today Cernuda Gallery
Art, Gables Chorale, Florida, the USA.
Kubanische Kunst heute (Cuban Art of today). Kunstkreis Norden

2002 Fair the International of Art of Miami, the USA.

1990 Mention Aid Mirtha Cerra, Havana.

1993 Mention Aid 13 of March, Havana.

1995 III Prize Contemporary Art gallery "Juan Francisco Elso". National museum of
Beautiful Arts, Havana.

1999 Maratier Prize. Granted by the French foundation "Kikoíne" (for the first time to
Latin American artist).
National prize Raul Martinez, granted by the Association Saíz Brothers stops
to emphasize the trajectory of a smaller plastic artist of 35 years.

2000 Prize April 2000, granted by the National UJC, the elvedado aesthetic value and
importance of its work directed to children, adolescents and young people.
Tropical Gypsy Distinction. Granted by the Provincial Direction of Culture of City of Havana
The United States, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Monaco, Chile.
Publications Juan Roberto Diago Curriculum
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