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Amelia PelŠez
Amelia PelŠez Curriculum

(1896 - 1968) She was born in Yaguajay, Cuba. In 1916 she entered San Alejandro Academy where she studied with Leopoldo Romanach and proved to be an outstanding pupil. She took a summer course at the League of Arts in NY in 1924 and then returned to Havana in 1927. PelŠez went to Paris where she attended drawing classes at La Grande ChaumiŤre. She held her first individual show at the Zale Galleries in Paris in 1933 and was well received by the French critics. She returned to Cuba in 1934 and her exhibition at the Lyceum showed that she had made a tremendous advance in chromatic technique. In 1992 her work was included in the exhibition at the Studio Museum in Harlem: Lam and his Contemporaries 1938 - 1952. She was well known for her paintings and ceramics.
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