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Publications Aurelio Melero Fernández de Castro Curriculum Aurelio Melero Fernández de Castro Curriculum

Aurelio Melero Fernandez de Castro (1870- 1929) Born in Havana, on April 13, 1870. He was a son of the conspicuous artist Miguel Melero. He studied painting in the San Alejandro Academy from 1886 to 1899. He resided some time in Madrid and Paris, where he carried out studies related to his profession.

He was member of the National Academy of Arts and Letters. In 1923 Melero was named Distinguished Member of the Association of Painters and Sculptors of Havana. From 1906 to 1929 he taught at the Maestro Villate Foundation School, in the Cuban capital, where he was in charge of the Professorship of Modeling, Coloring, and General Culture, in addition to be the Principal of the Institution. He wrote articles for the Magazines El Figaro and Bohemia, in Havana. He participated in thirteen collective exhibits in Havana between 1911 and 1928. He won prizes in Saint Louis, in 1904, and in the contest sponsored by La Marina Journal, in 1905. He obtained his highest-quality production on beautiful portraits of ladies that were made with great fineness of style. Other of his major achievements can be observed in his resplendent and romantic landscape paintings, in which he captured the light of the tropic with exceptional mastery. His work was included in the Exhibit 300 anos de Arte en Cuba (300 Years of Art in Cuba).

Aurelio Melero passed away on March 24, 1929, in Havana, Cuba.
Publications Aurelio Melero Fernández de Castro Curriculum
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