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Publications Antonio Rodríguez Morey Curriculum Antonio Rodríguez Morey Curriculum

(1874- 1967) Born in Havana, March 4, 1874. He studied at the San Alejandro Academy, where he had, as a mentor and teacher, the outstanding interpreter of the Cuban landscape, Valentin Sanz Carta. In 1891 he traveled to Europe in order to continue his drawing and painting classes. In 1895 he settled in Rome where he worked in several studios of Italian and Spanish painters. Around this time he also taught drawing at the Sacred Heart Institute of Rome. Rodriguez Morey reached numerous artistic triumphs in the most important cities of Europe and America, such as: Gold Medal in San Francisco (1915) and in Sevilla (1930). In 1911 he was granted the National Award to the Best Landscape Painting, in Havana.

He was a notorious and fecund Cuban landscape painter. In 1912 he was hired by the San Alejandro Academy to teach the subjects Drawing, Artistic Anatomy and History of Art, while he totally dedicated himself to the landscape painting. In 1918 he occupied the position of Director of the National Museum of Havana, where he stayed for many years, leaving and important trace in the development of the arts in the Island.

Antonio Rodriguez was also member of several cultural institutions nationwide. Among his most famous artworks are: El Otono en la Montana (Autumn on the Mountain), Crepusculo en el Valle (Sunset in the Valley), Quietud (Calmness), Amanecer (Dawn), Idilio (Idyll), Canas Bravas (Brave Canes) and Tempestad (Tempest).

Antonio Rodriguez passed away in Cuba, in 1967.
Publications Antonio Rodríguez Morey Curriculum
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