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The Miami Herald 07/05/2004
Daisy Olivera

Ania Toledo Shares Beauty of Cuban Landscape
By Daisy Olivera

Friday marked another historic evening at Cernuda Arte, the fine art gallery in Coral Gables. Cuban landscape artist Ania Toledo traveled from Cuba to attend her first solo show in the United States, exhibiting 28 oil paintings.
Toledo's work has created a lot of buzz in the past year, especially among art collectors and lovers of Cuban landscape artist Tomás Sánchez. Toledo finds the inspiration for her landscapes by traveling all over Cuba waking up before sunrise for long walks through hills and forests, taking photographs and making rough sketches as the sun comes up. She also writes down the emotions she feels from a particular clearing or waterfall, then back in her studio, creates magic with ordinary oil paints.
Hosting the evening were gallery owners Ramón and Nercys Cernuda. Collectors there who loaned paintings for the show included Guillermo and Mariana Quirch, Raúl and Virginia Benítez, Carlos and Marianne Coto, Lon and Rosa Schwartz, Brian and Isis Hoffman, Ralph and Cookie Gazitúa. Also there: art historian Justo Sánchez, who wrote the catalog text.

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