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Selected Inventory  
Cuban Art Juan Emilio Hernández Giró Portrait of General Pedro Vázquez e Hidalgo
(Retrato del General Pedro Vázquez e Hidalgo)

Author: Juan Emilio Hernández Giró
Year: ca. 1910’s
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 26 1/2 x 22 inches
Inventory No: 00734
Price: $


“Juan Emilio Hernández Giró was born in

Santiago de Cuba on May 28, 1882, and

was deceased in November 7, 1953. A

disciple of Joaquín Tejada, he also studied

in Spain, France, England, Belgium,

Holland, and the United States. In 1924,

he was named a Gentleman of the Legion

of Honor in France. He also served as

President of the Circle of Fine Arts in

Havana. Hernández Giró was honored

with a Gold Medal at the Exposition of

Seville in 1930. A notable orator and

writer, he published the title El arte

nacional, Historia gráfica de Cuba (Our

National Arts: A History of the Graphic

Arts in Cuba)
. Among his works, Reunión

en La Mejorana
figures prominently. At

one time, this piece was included in the

holdings of the Presidential Palace in

Havana. He cultivated portraits,

landscapes, and great historical


Lerner, Bernardo, ed. Enciclopedia Del

Arte en América. 1st ed. Argentina:

Bibliografica Omeba, 1968.

Acquired by a Private Collector in

Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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