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Cuban Art Irina Elén GonzálezTropical Angelus
(Angelus Tropical)

Author: Irina Elén González
Year: 2013
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Size: 63 x 47 1/4 inches
Inventory No: 06482
Price: $AVAILABLE $18,000.00

Illustrated in Important Cuban Artworks Volume Twelve, Cernuda Arte, Coral Gables, Florida, page 120.

Exhibited at Art Miami Fair, December 2-7, 2014, Cernuda Arte.

The oneiric surrealist character of this painting contrasts with the exquisitely realistic draftsmanship of the Renaissance attire that adorns Angelus Tropical, and the vain attitude of the coquettish European poodle. Irina Elén González, born 1971 and living in Cuba, draws from her vast arsenal of historic knowledge of the arts as she encapsulates the composition in an imaginary tropical jungle landscape, a recourse that brings to mind the French post-impressionist master Henri Rousseau. The self-assuredness of the female figure accentuates central themes in Irina’s body of work, her militant feminism and passion for detail.

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