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Cuban Art Eduardo AbelaGirl

Author: Eduardo Abela
Year: ca 1960
Medium: oil on wood
Size: 9 x 8 3/4 inches
Inventory No: C5503


Eduardo Abela, First Generation Cuban Modernist, is considered by specialists a precursor of Surrealism in Latin America. (See among other bibliography, Inverted Utopias, Mari Carmen Ramírez and Héctor Olea, Yale University Press and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (2004).

Abela’s oeuvre spans over half a century and interestingly, it is his late period works from the 1950’s to his death that currently receive the most attention in art circles. Girl, ca. 1960, is part of a group of paintings dedicated to children. As Dr. Roberto Cobas (Head Curator of 20th Century Cuban Art for the National Museum of Cuba) states in the book Abela, From the Real to the Imaginary, Ediciones Vanguardia Cubana, 2010, page 25, “The thematic predilection of Abela was centered around the world of children and the amazing fantasies derived from it. This powerful source of inspiration was the nucleus of the artist’s final creative cycle. In this ambiance, he could mix fable and reality, and all artistic transgressions seemed possible.” Girl is an excellent representation of this period, a painting that was displayed at the Cuban Museum of Arts and Culture, in the exhibition Abela, Magic and Fables, and illustrated on page 7 of the corresponding catalogue. A copy of the catalogue accompanies the work.

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