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Selected Inventory  
Cuban Art Manuel Mendive Olofi Owner of the Landscape
(Olofi, Dueño del Paisaje)

Author: Manuel Mendive
Year: 1994
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 46 x 74 1/4 inches
Inventory No: 07036
Price: $


Exhibited in MENDIVE, Carin Arte, Thiene, Italy, 1997.

Exhibited in MENDIVE, Joan Guaita Art Gallery,

Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 1997.

Exhibited in MENDIVE, Galerie Le Monde de L’Art,

Paris, France, 1997.

Illustrated in the corresponding three-exhibition catalog,

MENDIVE, Dr. Guillermina Ramos Cruz and

Juan Delgado, M&G, non-numbered page, 1997.

To be illustrated in the upcoming catalog


Arte, Coral Gables, Florida, December 2023.

The peaceful scene in Olofi, Owner of the Landscape, depicts
divine spirits roaming alongside believers in a lush Eden.
Within the work, all energies are shared – a man nourishes a
ceiba tree, just as the garden nourishes the man. Everything
is magical, sincere, alive and in harmony. Olofi is an honorific
title of Olodumare, the Supreme creator God of the Yoruba
pantheon. For the Cuban Yoruba, Olodumare has three
manifestations, each syncretized with Catholic beliefs:
Olodumare is the divine essence, (the Father); Olorun is the
creative act, (the Son); and Olofi is the creation itself, a
conduit between heaven and earth, (the Holy Spirit).
The devout praise Olofi by respecting the earth -- he has no
temples in his honor, nor does he have consecrated priests.
The work is part of an informal series executed by
Manuel Mendive during the 1990’s in honor of Olofi.

Nico Hough

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