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Demi was born in Cuba in 1955, the artist resides ... more
El Nuevo Herald September 18, 2003
Demi y Arturo Rodríguez

El Nuevo Herald Posted on Thu, Sep. 18, 2003 DIS... more
El Nuevo Herald May 11, 2003
Una explosion de Color y Energia Por: Olga Connor

El Nuevo Herald May 11, 2003 Section: SECTION:... more
El Nuevo Herald December 12, 2001
Sin Basel, Sigue la Fiesta del Arte en Miami
Por: Olga Connor
El Nuevo Herald December 12, 2001 Section: Gale... more
The Miami Herald February 27, 2001
Love and Art by Ana Veciana-Suarez

The Miami Herald February 27, 2001 Section: Liv... more
Miami New Times February 15, 2001
Into the Picture By: Alfredo Triff

Into the Picture February 15, 2001 Instead of ... more
El Nuevo Herald February 11, 2001
Demi en Familia Por Olga Connor

El Nuevo Herald February 11, 2001 Section: SEC... more
Smithsonian Archives of American Art November 20, 1997
Oral History Interview With Demi By: Juan Martínez

Smithsonian Archives of American Art ORAL HI... more
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