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Miami New Times May 17, 2001
Cernuda Arte

Miami New Times Best Art Gallery Cernuda Arte ... more

Miami New Times April 8, 1999
Will the arrival of Cuban artist Mendive provoke another fiery response from anti-Castro forces?
Por: Lissette
Art to Burn April 8, 1999 Will the arrival of... more

La Revista del Diario Las Americas 
Paisajismo Cubano Clásico
Por : Jesús Hernández
La Revista del Diario Las Americas Paisajismo cub... more

Smithsonian Archives of American Art March 28, 1998
Oral History Interview With Ramón Cernuda
Por: Juan Martínez

The Miami Herald 07/05/2004
Daisy Olivera
Ania Toledo Shares Beauty of Cuban Landscape By D... more

El Nuevo Herald December 12, 2001
Sin Basel, Sigue la Fiesta del Arte en Miami
Por: Olga Connor
El Nuevo Herald December 12, 2001 Section: Gale... more

The New York Times October 6, 1998
As Latin American Art Prices Rise, So Does Forgeries
By: Cristina Carlisle
The New York Times October 6, 1998 As Latin ... more

The Miami Herald August 10, 2003
Collectors of Cuban Art Get Burned in Miami's Hotbed of Forgerles
By : Jay Weaver
The Miami Herald August 10, 2003 Section: Local... more
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