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Exhibitions - First Generation Cuban Modernists, The VANGUARDIA Artists  
First Generation Cuban Modernists, The VANGUARDIA Artists
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  • Cuban Art
    Cernuda Arte presents a group exhibition featuring eleven of Cuba's First Generation Modernists, known as the VANGUARDIA Artists.

    Cuban Art
    The figure in Domingo Ravenet's, Spring, 1943, gazes at the viewer
    from an intimate corner of this exhibition space.

    Cuban Art
    Aristides Fernández
    Study for the Burial of Christ
    (Estudio para el Entierro de Cristo), ca 1933
    mixed media on heavy paper laid down on board
    11 x 14 inches

    Cuban Art
    Marcelo Pogolotti
    Heaven and Earth
    (El Cielo y la Tierra), ca 1934
    charcoal on heavy paper laid down on board
    18 3/4 x 25 inches

    Cuban Art
    Domingo Ravenet
    (Primavera), 1943
    oil on canvas
    40 x 24 inches

    Cuban Art
    Alberto Peña
    (Despertar), 1937
    oil on canvas
    30 1/2 x 23 inches

    Cuban Art
    Detail of Alberto Peña's, Awaking, 1937,
    capturing a moment of joy and harmony in the Cuban countryside.

    Cuban Art
    Jorge Arche
    Portrait of Monsignor Angel Gaztelu
    (Retrato de Monseñor Angel Gaztelu), 1937
    oil on canvas
    34 x 28 1/2 inches

    Cuban Art
    Víctor Manuel García
    Landscape with Farmers and Huts
    (Paisaje con Campesinos y Bohíos), ca 1935
    oil on canvas
    16 1/2 x 11 3/4 inches

    Cuban Art
    A close up of Víctor Manuel García's, Landscape with Farmers and Huts, ca 1935
    Cuban Art
    Víctor Manuel García, often referred to as the father of Modernism in Cuba,
    depicts a scene of everyday life.

    Cuban Art
    Víctor Manuel García
    In the Park
    (En el Parque), ca.1940
    oil on canvas board
    14 1/4 x 9 3/4 inches

    Cuban Art
    A display of breathtaking works by Amelia Peláez, Víctor Manuel García, Carlos Enríquez, Eduardo Abela, and Fidelio Ponce de León.

    Cuban Art
    Teodoro Ramos Blanco
    Female Nude
    (Desnudo de Mujer), ca 1939
    wooden sculpture
    24 1/4 x 6 1/2 x 6 inches

    Cuban Art
    Zooming in on Teodoro Ramos Blanco's, Female Nude,
    we see the great attention to detail paid by the artist in this small format sculpture.

    Cuban Art
    Amelia Peláez
    Grey Fish
    (Peces Grises), 1931
    oil on canvas
    38 x 51 inches

    Cuban Art
    Amelia Peláez
    Women on Balconies
    (Mujeres en Balcones), 1963
    mixed media on heavy paper
    20 3/4 x 16 inches

    Cuban Art
    Another view of this thrilling exhibition including works by Aristides Fernández,
    Domingo Ravenet, Alberto Peña, and Jorge Arche.

    Cuban Art
    A closer view of the beautiful brushwork executed by artist Carlos Enríquez.
    Cuban Art
    Carlos Enríquez
    Portrait of Fernande Lescot
    (Retrato de Fernande Lescot), 1945
    oil on canvas
    32 x 24 inches

    Cuban Art
    Fidelio Ponce de León
    Devout Woman
    (La Beata), 1943
    oil on canvas
    25 x 26 inches

    Cuban Art
    The intense gaze of Fidelio Ponce de León's, Devout Woman
    Cuban Art
    Eduardo Abela
    Lady with Flowers
    (Dama con Flores), ca 1940-50
    oil on wood
    13 1/2 x 10 inches

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